Why is corporate training often so bad? … And how it could be improved.

You wouldn’t wake up on Wednesday and decide to start training 3 days in a row to run a 42km marathon on Saturday. Why do we treat our brains that way when learning new skills? Costly corporate training is invariably given minimal attention, leading to huge waste.


The usual state of affairs

Corporate training. [From Unsplash, photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com]

The view from an outside trainer

What could change?

The learner’s trajectory over time: multiple contact moments are in white, separated by gaps (green) for them to apply their understanding on their own case and/or homework. Multiple contact moments are possible … with an assessment at the end [illustration: own work]

What does this all cost, and what benefits does it have?

Return on Investment (ROI)


Kevin is an engineer & data scientist with 20+ years experience across a variety of industries. Still continually learning new ways to extract value from data.